Everyone deserves a happy stove

Happystove (happystove.com) is a new recipe collection website that aims to bring a new approach to the food and cooking experience, promoting the slow food culture through step by step recipes, articles and useful how-to.

Helping everyone to discover again the joy of cooking is the main goal of happystove.com
Happystove.com believes simplicity is the key of the cooking art. But art is nothing without creativity. Visitors are encouraged to use the presented recipes and suggestions as starting point for new creations and great culinary experimentations.

Happystove.com aims to turn the stressful experience of searching a recipe into a pleasant and fulfilling moment.

Happystove.com tries to bring life back to the kitchen promoting a culture of cooking, food and sharing.
A happy stove is a stove that is regularly used in a kitchen that is not just “another room in the house” but the place where people can experience a way of living and eating that is nowadays lost.

Happystove.com strongly believes that “Everyone deserves a happy stove”.

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